Parrots Are Expensive!!!

If you have not priced parrots yet, hang on to your wallet! Depending on your choice of species, the purchase price can range from $175 for a Quaker Parrot to $10,000 for a Hyacinth Macaw. You will naturally want to shop for a bird that is hand-fed, fully weaned (never under any circumstances should you buy an unweaned bird) , and well-socialized. Prices for such birds tend to be toward the upper end of the price range for each species. Let’s take a look at some estimated costs for a few common pet species: Cockatiel-$65, Quaker Parrot – $175,Alexandrine Parakeet – $300, Sun Conure -$300, African Grey Parrot – $800, Eclectus Parrot – $850, Double Yellow Head Amazon – $950, Umbrella Cockatoo- $1000, and Scarlet Macaw – $1400.

People often view adoption as a means of acquiring a “cheap” bird. While M.A.R.S. charges less than half what you’d pay in a pet store, there are still considerable costs in housing, maintaining, and caring for a bird. A good cage can cost almost as much as your bird. Food isn’t super expensive, but it isn’t free. By no means do you have to be rich to afford to have a parrot, but finances should be considered.

Buy the same token, it cost money to house the birds that MARS cares for and rehomes. Volunteer labor is free, but food, toys, facility repair, and vet visits are not free. Adoption fees do not begin to cover the cost of operation. That’s why Red Legs will show up any where he thinks he can make a buck. It’s also why the organization holds garage sales, dinners, and Easter Egg Hunts. Since the program gets good prices by buying in bulk, donating food or supplies is a very inefficient way to help out. Sad to say, but money talks. Speak to Melbourne Avian Rescue Sanctuary if you possibly can!